Why It's Important to Have a Visiting Author
How to Afford the Visit
Having a visiting author can motivate children to read and write better than nearly any other activity. He/she can also do a powerful job of supporting the work you are doing to meet those "No Child Left Behind" instructional goals. Here are some ways to finance an author visit:
Don't give up easily! Author visits are important.
Ask public service groups like "Friends of the Library" or PTA to help.
Ask if the author will speak to other groups who could share the cost. (Examples: writers groups, public service groups, genealogical/historical societies.)
Here are some examples of some of the topics on which Louise A. Jackson speaks. She can also design a presentation specifically to meet a group's needs:
"What It's Like to be an Author"
"From An Idea in my Head to a Book in Your Hand"
"Childhood Memories: How I Learned to Write"
"Writing Historical Fiction"
"Tooting Your Own Horn: A Publicity Primer for Writers"
"Fact to Fiction: Geneology (or Historical Research) as a Springboard"
"Writing Your Memoirs" [for clubs, senior centers, and retirement homes]
Any topic children need help with like "Paragraphing Isn't as Hard as You Think."
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